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Hepatitis E infection

Affects your Liver

Hepatitis E is a virus that causes infection and swelling in the liver. The virus of Hepatitis E spreads through poop, and one can also catch it by eating or drinking something that has been in contact with the poop of someone with a virus. Some of the symptoms of Hepatitis E include less hunger, mild fever, tiredness, belly pain, throwing up, dark-coloured pee, skin rash, itching, joint pain, light-coloured poop, and yellowish eyes and skin. When it comes to the treatment of Hepatitis E, there are specific steps that may help in easing the symptoms, and these steps include avoiding alcohol, eating healthy food, drinking lots of water and rest. If the condition is serious, schedule an appointment with Dr. Amit Bhasin, a Gastroenterologist in Dwarka, Delhi to get the best treatment plan.

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Hepatitis E infection: Service
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